SaveEco Energy | Mechanical Conveying
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Mechanical Conveying

Chain conveyor

Chain Conveyors are based on the movement of an endless chain,  that is driven in a rectangular trough by an interlocked transmission chain. In addition to its use as a horizontal conveyor up to a length of 40 meters, chain conveyors are also used as slope conveyors and vertical conveyors with slope angles from 25 to 90 degrees and with possible conveyance heights up to 30 m. The robust equipment is applied as discharging, loading or separating units.

Applications of Chain Conveyors
  • Mining
  • Food processing
  • Sewage treatment
  • Timber harvesting
  • Agriculture
  • Textile machinery
  • Car plants
  • Cement works
  • Material handling
Advantages of chain conveyors
  • They take up little space
  • They can be easily integrated into existing plant
  • Closed and dust-tight method of construction
  • Suitable for bulk solids at high temperatures
  • Can be used for bulk materials that abrade
  • Construction is to a large extent self-supporting
  • Explosion-proof