SaveEco Energy | Bag Filters
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Bag Filters

Bag filter are used for ‘dry’ separation of dust particles and/ or recovering useful dust particles from air and gas flows. These are compact fabric filters which ‘de-dust’ the filter bags through jets of compressed air.

When these are equipped with the corresponding filter media, they are capable of effortlessly working below the existing and expected particulate emission values. There are many important parameters for proper selection and sizing of Bag-filters. Inlet dust load, dust type & particle size, moisture content, emission norms are few critical parameters among them.

Fabric filters can be used for  temperatures up to 250°C. They are particularly useful in harsh and industrial environments; finding an exclusively successful use in industrial areas. In addition to this, they are an added bonus when compared to other filter systems (e.g. electric) by a low capital expenditure. For processes involving higher temperatures, Save Eco offers complete solutions including F.D. Coolers to cool down the gases before they are treated in a Baghouse.

Bag Filters

To cover a wide range of applications such as
  • Dust Extraction Systems (D.E. Systems)(Nuisance venting applications)
  • Product recovery applications (with lowest emission norms)
  • Fume extraction systems (including F.D. Coolers)
  • All applications in Steel, Cement, Metal, Power and other industries
Superior features
  • High efficiency fabric filters
  • Lowest pressure drop and compressed air consumption is Saving Energy
  • Complete system engineering to ensure a TOTAL Turnkey solution
  • Conforming to lowest emission norms up-to 2mg/nm3